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Digital X-Ray - Critter Care has a fully digital x-ray system to give us the best images in the least amount of time with minimal x-ray exposure for your pet.

Small Mammal Dentistry - Rabbits and rodents have specialized teeth for chewing and grinding very tough material and, because of this, they require some special maintenance. 

Services We Offer

Avian Beak Care - Did you know an overgrown beak can be a sign of bigger problems in your pet bird? We have all the tools necessary for corrective beak trims and maintenance, and to diagnose the underlying problem.

Board-Certified Surgical and Radiology Services - we work with board certified specialists who will come to our office to perform advanced surgical and imaging procedures.  This keeps costs more affordable for you and keeps your pet more comfortable in a place they know.

Convenient online access - Make an appointment any time day or night, access your critter's lab work and vaccine history, all from your couch.  Find the link to our Patient Portal in Resources or here.

Senior Care - Caring for your senior pet can be a lot of work.  We have tools to assess and improve their mental health, pain levels and organ function that can make a huge difference in your aging friend's quality of life.

Dentistry - Dogs, cats, and ferrets all need regular dental exams and cleaning.  We have state-of-the-art dental equipment and digital dental x-ray to provide your pet with excellent dental care. 

Exotic Pet Care - Dr. Liza has a special interest in exotic pet medicine including reptiles, birds and small mammals.  Many of these species have special care and feeding requirements; bring your special critter by for a discussion of their specific needs.

Surgery - Dr. Liza performs a variety of surgeries from routine spays and neuters to foreign body removals and limb amputations.  Our surgery suite has state-of-the-art monitoring tools and all the right equipment to give your pet the safest anesthetic experience we can.  Dr. Liza has a special interest in anesthesia and tailors anesthetic protocols to each individual.

Fear Free - Everyone at Critter Care is Fear Free Certified.  This means we will always work with your critter's emotional well-being in mind.  We will carefully assess their fear, anxiety and stress levels and do our best to make their vet visit a pleasant experience. Read Dr. Liza's blog post on the topic for more information!

Laser Therapy - Our class IV therapy laser uses highly organized waves of light to penetrate deep into tissues to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate healing.

Preventative Care - Regular preventative care visits are the best way we have to detect problems before they turn into something major.  Read Dr. Liza's blog post on the value of preventative screening blood work for more information.