Dr. Liza Pfaff, DVM, PhD

Curriculum Vitae


Colorado State University  Fort Collins, Colorado
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, May 2013
Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Sciences, Cancer Biology focus.  December 2011

Dartmouth College  Hanover, New Hampshire
Artium Baccalaureus, Environmental  and Evolutionary Biology.  December 2002


Critter Care Animal Hospital (Founder, January 2018 on) Centennial, Colorado

Homestead Animal Hospital (Associate Veterinarian, 2015 to 2017) Centennial, Colorado

Homeward Bound Animal Hospital (Associate Veterinarian, 2013 to 2015) Arvada, Colorado

Woodburn Veterinary Clinic (Extern, April 2013)  Woodburn, Oregon

VCA Noyes Animal Hospital (Veterinary Assistant, 2003-2004) Barrington, Illinois

Vermont Raptor Center (Raptor Care Volunteer, 2001-2002)  Quechee, Vermont

Wisconsin Humane Society (Wildlife Rehabilitator, 1999-2000)  Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Research & Publications

Doctoral Research (2006-2011)  Animal Cancer Center, Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.  Advisor:  Dawn L. Duval, Ph.D.
Dissertation:  “Biomarkers of Disease Progression and Chemotherapeutic Resistance in Canine Osteosarcoma”

Kalet BT, Pfaff LE, Fowles JS, Dailey DD, Gustafson DL, Duval DL. In Review.  Insulin-like growth factor 2 mRNA binding protein 1 contributes to growth, metastasis and chemo-resistance in osteosarcoma.

Dailey DD, Anfinsen KP, Pfaff LE, Ehrhart EJ, et al. 2013.  HES1, a target of Notch signaling, is elevated in canine osteosarcoma, but reduced in the most aggressive tumors. BMC Veterinary Research 9:130.

Kalet BT, Anglin SR, Handschy A, O’Donoghue LE, Halsey C, Chubb L, Korch C, Duval DL. 2013. Transcription factor Ets1 cooperates with estrogen receptor α to stimulate estradiol-dependent growth in breast cancer cells and tumors. PLoS One 8(7): e68815.

O’Donoghue LE, Rivest JP, Duval DL.  2011.  Polymerase chain reaction-based species verification and microsatellite analysis for canine cell line validation.  Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 23(4):780-785.

O’Donoghue LE, Ptitsyn AA, Kamstock DA, Siebert J, Thomas RS, Duval DL.  2010.  Expression profiling in canine osteosarcoma: identification of biomarkers and pathways associated with outcome.  BMC Cancer 10:506.

Eisen RJ, Mead PS, Meyer AM, Pfaff LE, Bradley KK, Eisen L.  2008.  Ecoepidemiology of tularemia in the south central United States.  American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 78(4):586-594.

Glidewell-Kenney C, Hurley LA, Pfaff LE, Weiss J, Levine JE, Jameson JL.  2007.  Nonclassical estrogen receptor alpha signaling mediates negative feedback in the female mouse reproductive axis.  PNAS 104(19):8173-8177.

Song YD, Lee EJ, Yashar P, Pfaff LE, Kim SY, Jameson JL.  2007.  Islet cell differentiation in liver by combinatorial expression of transcription factors Neurogenin-3, BETA2, and RIPE3b1.  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 354(2):334-339.

O’Brien JE, Peterson TJ, Tong MH, Lee EJ, Pfaff LE, Hewitt SC, Korach KS, Weiss J, Jameson JL.  2006.  Estrogen-induced proliferation of uterine epithelial cells is independent of estrogen receptor alpha binding to classical estrogen response elements.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 281(36):26683-26692.

Park SY, Meeks JJ, Raverot G, Pfaff LE, Weiss J, Hammer GD, Jameson JL.  2005.  Nuclear receptors Sf1 and Dax1 function cooperatively to mediate somatic cell differentiation during testis development.  Development 132(10):2415-2423.

Lennon JT, Pfaff LE.  2005.  Source and supply of terrestrial organic matter affects aquatic microbial metabolism.  Aquatic Microbial Ecology 39(2):107-119.

Selected Presentations & Abstracts

O’Donoghue LE, Duval DL.  2011.  The oncofetal protein IGF2BP1 as a potential biomarker of metastasis and chemoresistance in canine osteosarcoma.  Gordon Conference – Stem Cells and Cancer.  Ventura, CA.

Pfaff LE, Ptitsyn AA, Thomas RS, Seibert J, Duval DL.  2009.  Biomarkers of metastasis and resistance to chemotherapy in canine osteosarcoma.  10th Annual CVMBS Research Day.  Fort Collins, CO.

Pfaff LE, Ptitsyn AA, Duval DL.  2009. Differential gene expression in canine osteosarcoma: Biomarkers of metastasis and resistance to chemotherapy. AACR Annual Meeting.  Denver, CO.

Pfaff LE, Duval DL.  2008.  Biomarkers of metastasis and resistance to chemotherapy in canine osteosarcoma. Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference.  Seattle, WA.

Pfaff LE, Thomas R, Duval DL.  2008.  Differential gene expression in canine osteosarcoma predicts tumor aggressiveness. 9th Annual CVMBS Research Day.  Fort Collins, CO.


Professional Memberships