If you hadn’t heard, we had to close the office for a week in January because COVID swept through most of the staff. Not only do I want my staff to stay healthy but we all want to be here to help your critters. When we can’t do so, we aren’t fulfilling our mission. I also understand that you want to be with your pets during a visit so we are starting to allow humans back into the clinic. Due to the emerging new strains of COVID, I will continue to ask that you respect some restrictions when entering the clinic.

  • One healthy person in the clinic per visit.  If you are sick, please stay home.  It doesn’t matter if it isn’t COVID – we don’t want your flu, strep, cold, or whatever else ails you either.
  • The person that comes inside with the pet should be the primary decision-maker for the pet’s medical care.  If we need to be communicating with someone else regarding this pet’s care, please alert us at the beginning of the appointment.
  • If you have kids with you, the whole family may stay in the car and we will bring your pet inside. 
  • It is still best if you call us when you arrive instead of coming to the door – this is to prevent a backlog at the door and to limit potentially dangerous dog-dog interactions.
  • You may be asked to wait in the car or on the lawn if we are at capacity.
  • Masks are mandatory in the clinic and must cover your nose and mouth at all times.  Those who do not wish to wear a face mask may remain in their vehicle and we will bring your pet inside. 
  • If you are ill or you have interacted with someone who is ill:
    • Please only schedule emergency appointments for your pet
    • Please help us by finding someone else to bring your pet if at all possible
    • If you cannot find someone else, please remain in your vehicle and communicate us via phone.

We are happy to provide curbside service for any reason.

Even if you have followed all the guidelines, you may be asked to wait outside or in your vehicle for some or part of the visit if we have too many people in the clinic. The front parking spots can get extremely hot in the afternoon sun. There are some shaded spots to the East of the building and we are happy to provide water for you or your critter. Please call 720-961-8550 when you arrive for your appointment.

I encourage you to support some of our locally-owned neighbor businesses:
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